November 25, 1995

Dear Gary,

This year has been so hectic that I haven't really taken the time I should to say "thank you" for all your hard work on our behalf.

Whether the project is a video or stockholders' meeting; an avant-garde multi-image show or speaker support, you approach each with creativity, professionalism and preparedness that is second to none.

I know many times I'm far less than the easiest person to work with, the deadlines are tight, the budgets are tighter, and the plans change mid-stream. I'd be a fool to believe any of these things will ever change. But I do know that whatever the circumstances, you'll do your best work -- whatever it takes -- make the deadline, and show up in a jacket and tie to do it.

In short, you guys make me look good. And I don't thank you for that enough.

Here's to a hectic, hellish, impossible year that you helped Eljer make through with flying colors. And here's to a '96 that promises to be just as hectic. A '96 I can face easier, knowing that you will be there to help me keep my sanity.

All the best,

Patti Putnicki
Manager, Marketing Communications
Eljer Industries